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ERISINGMUVU and CATIM‘s experiment was accepted in the Open Call of the EU-funded DIH4CPS project. This European project intends to create an interdisciplinary network of DIHs and solution providers that focus on CPSs and embedded systems, interweaving understanding and technologies from diverse territories, and to connect it with European experts. The project support European SMEs to overcome obstacles posed by innovative technology. The consortium will work on this experiment until August 2022.

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Industries will become fully digital in the next decades. The progress in data-acquisition systems, processing speed, and network infrastructure created the conditions for this transformation. The market competition created the need for a more efficient manufacturing process only possible through digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Cyber-physical embedded systems (CPES) play a predominant role in the control and operation of a factory during the pandemic.  It provides feedback on the physical environment and production performance. For example, the RAILES software developed by MUVU monitors and manages all the processes on the shop-floor through a web platform that provides data in real-time collected by an IoT system or by the operator.


The experiment aims to validate the integration of smart devices (camera and watches), advanced data processing algorithms and intuitive dashboards (actuated locally and remotely), i.e. a Cyber-Physical and embedded System (CPES) to monitor, feedback and improve two conflicting needs in manufacturing SMEs:

  • the full respect of health and safety rules strengthen by COVID (personnel equipment use, safe distance, hygienic routines, etc.)

  • the respect of optimized operators and materials movements, and operational and quality procedures.


The proposed CPES experiment in industrial environment will allow real time alarmistic signals to the operators when deviations occur and additionally remote supervision and intelligent assessment by identifying critical points and procedures (highly required in the COVID context that demands to reduce the number of elements in the shop-floor).

This experiment will have a high impact on the health and safety rules fulfilment by SME (lowering COVID spread risk), and guaranteeing an high operational performance.

Manufacturing SMEs are struggling to balance these two needs to keep low risk of cross-contamination and avoid production lock-down and simultaneously keep high levels of operational efficiency and effectiveness.



For the consortium SMEs this experiment (i.e., the new product resulting from it) will allow the extension of the continuous improvement supporting services to be done remotely effectively (ERISING) and the increasing of the influence and performance of the production management related software applications (MUVU), and for both SMEs to enlarge its services to health and safety rules assessment. The DIH representative, CATIM, will increase its impact in sectorial SMEs regarding the fulfilment of health and safety procedures, and putting in action the DIH competences and network. This consortium has complementary skills, regarding sectorial and industrial penetration in SMEs, high experience in lean and continuous improvement industrial projects, and high skills and portfolio in developing and implementing software-based solutions driven by shopfloor acquired data.



Experiment Leader

Erising (Efficiencyrising, Lda) is a company founded by two mechanical engineers trained at Instituto Superior Técnico.

Erising aims to promote customer talent and value by looking for waste and inefficiencies and transforming them into opportunities for improvement.

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Technology Provider

MUVU developed a software focused on transforming meaningful data from machines into powerful knowledge to increase the levels of decision making, performance and compliance in every industry.



The mission of the Digital Innovation Hub for Customer-Driven Manufacturing at Norte (iManNorte Hub) is to foster the digital transformation of manufacturing companies of the Northern Region of Portugal (Norte) and to nurture the respective innovation ecosystem.


DIH4CPS has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement no 872548. The content of this website does not represent the opinion of the European Union, and the European Union is not responsible for any use that might be made of such content.

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